Lions wary of Blues attacking skills

Getty Images

Saturday, March 15, 2014    Getty Images

Lions coach Johan Ackermann said the team he had selected for the game had 'a lot of X-factor'. He said they had overdone their tactical approach against the Sharks last week.

They would have to be wary of the Blues attacking ability and their ability to use turnover ball. The Lions would have to be especially careful in holding their ball at the breakdown, he said.

"They've got very good backs and like an open game, so they'll look to counter-attack us, meaning our kicking game will have to be very good.

"The secret is to keep the ball away from them and hang on to our possession. We'll also have to guard against falling into an unstructured game, because if that happens, anything can happen.

"We're not going to change anything in our defence. We simply need to stay in our structures, but it will be up to the individuals to make their tackles," he said.

"You have to kick well because they definitely look for those opportunities.

"We are not going to change anything drastically just because we are playing the Blues. Our defence is good enough to keep them at bay," he said.

The game is likely to be played in wetter conditions again after the Blues played the Bulls after rain in Pretoria.