Highlanders fans to roar team home

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Friday, July 15, 2016    Lynn McConnell    Getty Images

Pride and ultimate venues for the play-offs are the main prizes from the game but the prospect of yet another hard fought local derby has home town fans enthused about the contest.

Fullback Ben Smith said it was great to have the Dunedin public's support and he was looking forward to playing at home again after time on the road in Argentina last weekend and the side had Tuesday off to recover from their return flight from Buenos Aires.

"It's exciting as players to know that we're getting in their tomorrow night and there will be a full house," he said.

Making the adjustment to the long haul travel from Argentina was part and parcel of Super Rugby now and the side's medical staff were good at ensuring everything possible was done to make the travel as smooth as possible.

"We're pretty lucky now we get business class seats on the way back from Argentina and the time difference was pretty good, we slept all the way back pretty much and then had a direct flight from Auckland to Dunedin so travel wasn't an issue."

While the Highlanders have been one side capable of getting on top of the Chiefs, Smith was taking nothing for granted on Saturday.

"The Chiefs have been playing really well over the last couple of weeks. They're a smart rugby team and they might throw a few things that are a bit different against us but we've just got to adapt to that and make our decisions on the run.

"But we'll keep our game plan to ourselves. We're looking forward to Saturday night."

Issues surrounding prospective options for the play-offs were not an immediate concern as the attention was going on doing the best job they could against the Chiefs.

"It's just the way the competition works out and who ever embraces that and rolls with it will do well I think," he said.