Lions rate Blues as 'toughest yet'

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Friday, March 9, 2018    Getty Images

With wins over the Sharks, Jaguares and Bulls, the Lions still rated the Blues.

Backs coach Neil de Bruin told The Star on Friday, "I'm taking nothing away from the other teams we've played against up to now, but the Blues are a team that have lost two matches, and their players will be hungry.

"It's our biggest challenge…and our players are up for it. I can assure you there will be no complaceny," he said.

The point of difference the Blues offered in comparison to those sides already played was their attacking style which would test them like nothing they have faced this year.

"They've got a different player profile and while they lost their first two games, they played very well," he said.

"It's important if you're going to go far in Super Rugby to play against different teams, with different styles, so for us this is a big opportunity."

The Lions were keen to maintain the momentum they took from their win against the Bulls last week.

But at the same time they would probably opt for a different game plan against the New Zealand side.

"Last week was an excellent forwards performance that set the platform for everything else, but this is a new week, against a new opponent. Hopefully our forwards can dominate again…and then we'll see, the rest will come through from that," he said.

"Obviously, we've prepared accordingly, where we can create opportunities against them and benefit, but we're not going to change much from last week.

"The key will be to not give them ball, and not to make mistakes…so it's about being clinical. They're likely to have a very positive mindset which is good because we, too, like to play a bit of rugby," he said.