Hurricanes' challenge will be different - Read

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Sunday, July 22, 2018    Lynn McConnell    Getty Images

The defending champions saw off the Sharks 40-10 but the South Africans were physical with big men and the Hurricanes were not too dissimilar the way they approached things, especially in their forward pack 

"It's a big game, the 'Canes are a good side, they showed that last night [Friday] so we've got to be on our game," he said.

It would be important to deny the Hurricanes backs their required supply of quality ball but he was sure they would be looking to have the same emphasis as well.

Read said the Sharks quarterfinal had been a good game to be part of and they had brought their best game to try to unseat the Crusaders.

"They brought a great game plan here, they held onto the ball and really took it to us. The way we scrambled on 'd' [defence] met that physicality and we were able to run over the top of them at the end and maybe a bit of fatigue from their point of view but [our] execution was really good," he said.

"We felt good and the way we brought some intensity early on was great. We'll certainly need that next week, it's another step up. These games are massive and I love being a part of it.

"We're going to have to really build the week," he said.

Read said he was feeling the effects of not having played rugby this year until the last few weeks but his body was in good shape and it was a case of recovering well. He did feel he could have played longer than his 60 minutes had it been required.

It had been a confidence-building game from his own point of view, he said.

Read was able to demonstrate some of his usual play off the back of the scrum and in support play around the field, making key contributions to his side's tries.

He said he couldn't just sit back, he had to bring his game to the team and hopefully that would add to the team when he was on form.